"The thing lurking under your bed always has sharper claws
and bloodier fangs than the ones you imagine. . . ."

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"The Paper Shield" available now
June 15, 2014. Sojourn: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction, will feature James Lowder's first original short fiction in more than five years. "The Paper Shield" is a rousing tale of alternate history adventure on the high seas in a Turn-of-the-Century Europe where France and England teeter on the brink of war and doom cults strive to wake dead gods sleeping on the ocean floor

The anthology marks the debut publishing venture of Fear the Boot, an RPG podcast, bringing together its hosts, community members, and industry professionals, all eager to share their unique stories with you.

The full table of contents include works from:

Laura K. Anderson
Thomas Childress
Wayne Cole
Hans Cummings
Shannon Dickson
Matt Forbeck
Robert Freund
Chris Hussey
James Lowder
Johann Luebbering
Peter Martin
Ryan J. McDaniel
Tom McNeil
Dan Repperger
Elizabeth Roper

The book will be available in bookstores and online, in both print and ebook formats.
ISBN: 978-0991487714
trade paperback
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